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Data Stores at Netflix + Lambda @ Edge by Cloud Academy

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5:30-6:00 Food, Drinks & Networking

6:00-7:00 Netflix’s Cassandra Architecture and Scalability on AWS

7:00-8:00 Serverless and "Originless" with AWS Lambda@Edge

Doors close at 6 p.m. Please arrive earlier.

Netflix’s Cassandra Architecture and Scalability on AWS

Cassandra is the main data storage engine supporting thousands of microservices and more than 90+ million subscribers at Netflix. It serves as a solid foundation for Netflix’s global replication bringing internet TV network to customers around the world. With 250+ Clusters, 10,000+ Nodes and 3+ PB of data deployment, Cassandra is serving Netflix with several Millions of operations/sec with multiple nines of availability.

In this talk, Vinay Chella will shed light on Netflix's Cassandra deployment architecture on AWS, the services and tools that power Netflix's persistence layer in giving seamless movie

experience to its customers. The talk will also provide insights and proven path on how to run, certify, benchmark, monitor, and test large scale deployments of open source distributed persistent stores on AWS infrastructure

Vinay Chella is a Cloud Data Architect @ Netflix and Apache Cassandra MVP. He possesses a great understanding of Cassandra (C*), distributed systems and relational databases. As an Engineer and Architect, he has extensively worked on building distributed systems, highly efficient data access layers and performance tuning of C*. Vinay Chella has assisted several teams in successfully building next generation distributed data access layers at Netflix.

Serverless and "Originless" with AWS Lambda@Edge

What can you do with AWS Lambda@Edge, exactly? Alex will discuss the most interesting use cases and a few preview-related limitations. You will learn how to execute serverless functions at CloudFront's Edge Locations to implement unique functionalities and optimize network latency.

Alex is a Software Engineer from Italy, and he's very passionate about web technologies and music. After deepening his software and sound engineering background, he has spent the last four years building, learning, and teaching at Cloud Academy. His current focus is on web development, serverless, and AI.

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