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Seattle Angel is a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs working to bring more education and transparency to the early-stage capital process. Join us for educational and networking events designed for you to connect with, and learn, from angels and entrepreneurs in the community.

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These education sessions sometimes are used to prepare for learning about or executing on a first angel investment -- either accepting one for your company or investing in one as an early investor.

We run a Learn-By-Doing entrepreneur/investor due-diligence program event that matches companies and investors and is called Seattle Angel Conference. More info about this at


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If you are interested in engaging as an Angel Investor, please contact us and we will connect you to resources in the ecosystem

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Alternative Pathways to funding for Pre-Seed Startups

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As early startups search for their first outside funding, they often jump to the classic Angel Investment / Venture Capital model. In exchange for investment, you receive equity. This model has many consequences. For some companies it is the perfect choice. For others, it does not work so well.

There are other models of how to structure an investment. BJ Lackland has helped build three leading providers of alternative growth capital for tech companies and in impact investing.

BJ is a leading pioneer in alternative growth capital for tech startups and impact investing. He has been instrumental building three of the leading providers of alternative growth capital for tech companies and in impact investing, and has advised numerous funds, foundations and corporate investors who want to provide alternative capital.

BJ is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of IBI Spikes Fund, a Revenue-Based Financing fund providing $500k-$5M+ to tech companies in Israel and the US. He is also Vice Chairman of Founders First Capital Partners, the leading provider of Revenue-Based Financing for diverse founders historically excluded from traditional sources of growth capital.

BJ was CEO of Lighter Capital from[masked], during which time the firm pioneered Revenue-Based Financing, completing over 650 rounds of financing for investments of $50k-$3M+ and being one of the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the US for 5 years in a row.
BJ has broad experience leading startups, making venture and angel investments, public company financing, and building and leading operating teams.

CEO of a VC-based startup, Lighter Capital
CFO of a public cleantech company, Power Efficiency
VP and Director of a VC fund, Summit Energy Ventures
Raised and invested over $50 million in tech companies

Online: Pitch Deconstruction: Getting into the details of your Pitch

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On the Startup Journey, the Pitch is a key part of engagement between the Startups and outside investors. The Elevator Pitch, the 5 minute pitch, everyone on your team needs to be able to make a credible pitch about the company and what you are doing.
As a part of any Angel Group, a startup may end up pitching multiple times. Frequently, there is little feedback about the pitch. The Startup does not get to hear the conversation about what the investors were concerned about.

In the Pitch Deconstruction, any of the companies that come will get a chance to give a 1 minute pitch. There will be a active Investors at the event, and they will provide general feedback to all of the 1 minute pitches.

The audience will vote for the ones that they would like to hear more from, and those winners (typically 5-6) will then give a 3 minute pitch.

The one minute pitches should not include slides. The 3 minute pitches are able to use a slide deck.

Know a company that needs to get more clarity about what the investors are hearing when they listen to their pitch? Please invite them to come to this workshop.

Where's the Money?

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Where is the Money?

How to track your startup financials and build out investor ready financial materials.

What does your startup need to have in the financials so that you can manage your business? What are the key drivers for your business?

What will the investors want to see for you to be able to get meaningful outside investment in your startup?

Andrew Klein is the founder and manging partner of Zccounting.com. Zccounting.com provides accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services for hundreds of startups and small businesses.

Angel Investing 101 - An overview with Tessie Decker and Austin Brovick

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Tessie Decker and Austin Brovick will give an overview of the Angel Investing process. They are alumni of the Seattle Angel Conference and active SPV organizers for the next program. The process of Angel Investing can help startups go faster. It can also be profitable as an investment for Angel Investors. Angel Investing can give you insight into the future of our economy.

How can startups make the most of an Angel Investment? Who exactly is allowed to be Angel Investors by Federal Law?

What are the best ways to invest? What are the things that Angel Investors should look for in startups? Are all startups Angel Investable?

Come get your Angel Investing Questions answered.

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