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Seattle Angel is a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs working to bring more education and transparency to the early stage capital process. Join us for educational and networking events designed for you to connect with and learn from angels and entrepreneurs in the community.

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3 things you need to do with your startup accounting

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As you engage in setting up your early startup, there are key things that you need to organize and structure. At the heart of your startup habits, you need to have organizational financial discipline. This comes to the forefront in a few crucial places: your cashflow management, your financial modeling, and your capital stack. Andrew Klein, from Zccounting will talk about 3 things that you need to pay attention to in your early stage startup journey. Andrew Klein has been working with startups and emerging growth companies for more than a decade. He’s worked as a founder and as an outside advisor for both entrepreneurial teams and their investors. In this capacity, he has managed the strategic operations and funding of companies in a variety of industries with specific expertise in SaaS, health care, hospitality and consumer products, and energy/construction.

B2B, B2E, B2C2B Which path to Business Sales Success?

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There are many paths to Enterprise Sales. Which is the best for you? In this session, we'll look more closely at how to sell to businesses, especially large ones, though the principles apply nearly everywhere. How do you break into the market when you are unknown? How do you navigate (or avoid) politics and IT, and figure out who holds the budget? How do you set your prices? How do you negotiate a contract? When is a check for $400,000 good? When is it bad? Yes, it can be bad, very bad. We'll tackle all these questions as we help you define a smart, effective sales process for selling to businesses of any size. Mark Bullard started selling greeting cards in 5th grade door to door. He eventually graduated to software and has now closed deals and serviced relationships with 23 of the Fortune 500 including 4 of the top 10. He's sold software subscriptions from $8/mo to $700,000/year. He wanted to join a startup as a Product Manager, but they convinced him to do Sales and he loved it, eventually becoming the VP of Sales. Mark has also worked in Tech Support, QA, Customer Success, Product Management, Strategy, Professional Services, Marketing and was COO overseeing all of these roles in his last company. He looks at Sales through a broad lens and cares about how it fits into the whole company for the good of the company and the customers. He is founder, VP of Sales, Sales Manager and SDR for BrainSquall, a customer intelligence gathering solution for Enterprise Sales, Service and Success. If you have questions about sales and sales process, or would like to meet with Mark 1:1, you can reach him at [masked].

What should I do next? Manage the SIX Risk Types that Get Startups Funded

Get Funding by Reducing your top risk enough now. Failing Fast is still Failing Most startups know that big bets mostly result in big fails. They also execute fast sprints flawlessly- with Agile. Yet, most still fail. That is because they don't know what to work on now. Lean is not enough to win. Unfortunately, startup culture encourages action over strategy. So, if you want to do what everybody else does and gets the same result – keep going faster. Mitigating the six killer risk types is the way to win the innovation game. This avoids big bets. It delivers compelling products in fewer devilment sprints with lower investments. Top-Risk Now identifies the current single biggest project risk type, then mitigates it… enough, with the right tools, until it’s not. Teams then rinse and repeat on what is not the top risk. This strategy is derived from the analysis of some 400K data points form 3,800 high-stakes projects revealing how these exclusive techniques helped Gateway Adopters succeed where others fail – or wouldn’t even try. These decision models are now manifest in Top Risk Now. Part of the Gateway Adopter Market Fit Fast innovation platform. Join this Top Risk Now webinar to · Discover your 6 project’s risk types · How to best sequence your efforts by risks-type · How to give a Lean sprint/”experiments” a clear mission to maximize your impact · Improve your chances of deliver winning breakthrough products, fast by 80% Patrick Hogan is an innovation authority, a veteran product manager, robotics engineer, and a graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has over 25 years of experience at startups and enterprises launching new software, hardware, and professional services offerings into nascent markets by Finding the right people for new, disruptive offerings Defining what these customers find compelling Mitigating a projects biggest risks before you make bigger bets

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