What we're about

This group is for discerning animation enthusiasts who're past high school age to hang out, watch stuff, and meet people. This is an anime-only group - there are no video games to be played here. If you're coming here to play video games, join another group. come prepared to talk about what we watch. This is as much a social group as a viewing group.

Sick of finding a new anime club just to realize you're 15 years older than everyone else? Or hoping to watch cartoons and instead find yourself at a Guitar Hero party?

Yeah, we are too. So join us, watch, chat, socialize, and enjoy!

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May/June food social: Onigiri
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Okonomiyaki was successful, fun and delicious. It would be cool to have a food social once every one/two months or so. The next in line will be Onigiri. The exact date will be determined after I practice them a bit this week. If anyone is an expert and would like to lead instead, please let Dave (or me) know. Otherwise, it will most likely happen late May/early June.

Since ingredients are not expensive, I'll most likely take care of them. The last food meetup showed that we're all a bunch of alcoholics, so each of us should bring some cider/sake/beer. Location will likely be my place again (unless there is an alternate suggestion).

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Sing/Scream your hearts out! Karaoke

Rock Box

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