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June 2017: Chickens Coming Home to Roost, a WWDC Review

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Chris D. and 2 others


For our June meetup we will travel to the Bellevue offices of OfferUp, courtesy of Jonathan Spiva and the OfferUp IT team. Many thanks to Jonathan and OfferUp for hosting us.

The Agenda

June's meetup lands almost immediately after Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, and our focus will be reviewing the publicly-available news from WWDC and discussing its impact on the Apple administrator community. We're unclear of what Apple will be offering in 2017, but once we know, join us to hash out just what it means for you and yours.

Your Hosts

Apple Admins of Seattle is brought to you by a few members of the Apple and Mac Admin community based in Seattle. They are:

• Joe Chilcote (@chilcote)

• Chris Dawe (@ctdawe)

• Mac Justice (@macjustice) of Synapse

• Gil Wilson (@boyonwheels) of Omni Group

Reach us via this thing, via Twitter, or in the Macadmins Slack channel in #cascadia.

1715 114th ave SE · Bellevue, WA