What's Cooking in 2019?


And we're back after what we hope was a restful Holiday Season. January's meetup will take place on the usual Third Thursday of the month, January 17, at Chef Software in Seattle. Thanks to Chef Software and John McCrea for hosting!

This month we'll get our mise in order and ease back into a regular schedule. We'll talk about things we'd like to see in the meetup, discuss our our own goals for 2019, and we'll wave goodbye to the Alaska Way Viaduct from an office that's as close as you can get to it without actually being on the damn thing. We'll also get some general community updates as we start to look at this year's calendar of conferences and other events.

Apple Admins of Seattle and the Great Northwest is always looking for hosts, topics, speakers, and ideas. If you have have something you would like to see or say in 2019, please contact any member of the Shadowy Cabal in the #cascadia channel of the Mac Admins Slack. Members of the Cabal include:

Joe Chilcote (@chilcote)
Chris Dawe (@ctdawe)
Mac Justice (@macjustice)
Ashley Smith (@thefaded)
Gil Wilson (@boyonwheels)

We hope to see you at Chef on January 17!