In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


We've had some ups and downs with space scheduling this month, and we offer our apologies for the short notice.

Our March Meetup will be at the Seattle offices of Splunk, Inc. Many thanks to Mike Woody and the Splunk Seattle office for coming through for us in a pinch.

There's no set agenda or speaker for the month, so we'll likely talk, improvise discussions, plot for the future, and read the tea leaves for Apple's event next week following this unexpected drop of new iPads.

Because of the late scheduling, pizza will not be provided at this meetup; instead, we'll likely cut this one a tad short, and those who are interested will walk up to Dino's Tomato Pie (, home of excellent pizza and living proof that the spirit of Geocities is alive and well.

Please Note:
Apple Admins of Seattle and the Great Northwest is always looking for hosts, topics, speakers, and ideas. We're set on location for April 2019, but if you have have something you would like to see or say in 2019, please contact any member of the Increasingly Inaccurately Named Shadowy Cabal in the #cascadia channel of the Mac Admins Slack. Members of the Cabal include:

Joe Chilcote (@chilcote)
Chris Dawe (@ctdawe)
Mac Justice (@macjustice)
Ashley Smith (@thefaded)
Gil Wilson (@boyonwheels)