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This group is for Ex/Post Mormons in the general Seattle area (including the Eastside, Southsound, Northend and beyond)

Are you a former member of the Mormon Church? Was your world turned upside-down when you left? Have you wondered how you could ever share these experiences with anyone? Or do you just want to hang out with people who get it?

Whether you just left the church yesterday, or you left many years ago, if you're an ex-Mormon this group is for you! --Even if you are still officially on their membership roster. Not all of us have gone through the steps of having our names officially removed.

Either way, if you're no longer a believer, you are welcome to join us! We’re a social/support group aimed at discussing the pain of leaving the church, sharing the joy of being free, and drinking coffee on the Sabbath.

We have a variety of get-togethers, including potlucks, coffee meetups, comedy clubs, concerts, family picnics, wine tastings, hikes, game nights, barbecues, house parties and more! All non-believers are welcome and encouraged to share their personal experiences of being a member of the Mormon church and what it was like to leave.

Although we aren't a structured or professional support group, we have all gone through the experience of leaving the church so you will find support, camaraderie and understanding from people who share your LDS cultural heritage.

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Important Note : While Ex/Post-Mormons are welcome, our group isn't for everyone. Current believers / followers of Mormonism are asked not to join or participate because this group is intended as a means of support for those who want to distance themselves from the Mormon Church and minimize its influence in their lives. Anyone who comes here to defend or evangelize the cause of Mormonism ( or any other religion and/or belief system ) is likely to find themselves ignored, their membership blocked, and their comments deleted.

If you are an Ex-Mormon who is still a believing Christian, you are definitely welcome in our group. However, please know that many of our active members are agnostic and/or atheist so you would need to feel comfortable with that. You would also need to refrain from evangelizing in any way at our group events.

If you are not an Ex-Mormon, we ask that you not join our group unless you have a personal connection to Mormonism, such as your spouse or other family member is Ex-Mormon, or you have a family member who is currently Mormon and you are affected by it. If you are not an ex-Mormon, and you do not have some sort of personal connection to Mormonism, then unfortunately your request to join this group will be declined.

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