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This is a new meet-up (as of April 2016) for people with Misophonia or a loved one of a Misophonia sufferer. (aka Select Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, Soft Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, 4S). The goal is to provide a support group, share stories, info, coping strategies, etc.

I am based in Bellevue, but open to creating a meetup location(s) convenient for the majority of active group members.

Misophonia is a little-understood disorder in which people are "triggered" or unable to bear certain soft sounds (usually mouth sounds), but also other stimuli, such as smells and motion. Misophonia literally means "hatred of sound," but most people with it can tolerate most sounds. The response to a sound trigger is usually immediate rage, internal or acted out. Misophonia is different from hyperacusis, which is a heightened intolerance to all sounds in an environment, versus specific "soft" sounds.

I have suffered with misophonia for 40+ years. I have learned to cope fairly well and exist in social settings daily, though it’s not easy.

At this point, I'm gauging the level of interest for a Misophonia support group in the Seattle/Eastside area. I will schedule a meeting soon, depending on the level of interest. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas.


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Bellevue Public Library

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Bellevue Public Library

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Misophonia Meetup in Seattle

Fremont Space Building

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