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Have you ever wondered why so many companies program robots, virtual assistants, and AI with feminine traits? Have you ever wondered, if there were more women behind the algorithms, how AI would be different — not just vocally and aesthetically, but functionally?

Also in this AI age three subsets of qualities will become crucial

Both by nature and by culture, women are better placed to benefit from automation. The inherent presence of empathy and collaboration skills makes women perfectly positioned to navigate the complex post-industrial world.

This is a forum we are calling all women working in (or interested in) AI/ML to join forces in fostering and attracting female talent to analytics, AI/ML and helping them connect, engage and grow!

We welcome women to come and explore opportunities in the field via our networking, knowledge sharing and training events.

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Data Analysis with R

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This webinar is based on the libraries and packages which is trending in market for year 2019 for Data Analysis with R language. Timings: 10:00 AM -11:30 AM PDT 22:30 PM -00:00AM IST About this Event The below libraries will be discussed for Data Analysis with R language. The list of libraries include : 1. Infer 2. Janitor - Simple tools for cleaning in R 3. Esquisse - R studio add-in to make plots with ggplot2 4. DataExplorer 5. Sparklyr 6. Drake - A pipeline toolkit for reproducible high computing performance toolkit 7. DALEX - Descriptive machine learning explanations Note: 1. Registered users will receive an email a day before the online event. Register and Enjoy Cheers!!!

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Jumpstart to AI

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