What we're about

Have you ever watched STOMP and said, "I can do that!" or "I want to do that!" or "I DO THAT!"

Have you ever watched Bobby McFerrin or beat boxers do weird vocal sounds and said, "Hey, I DO THAT TOO!"

Do you LOVE rhythm?

Do you LOVE trance drumming?

Do you LOVE listening?

Do you love creating space for others in the rhythm space?

Do you constantly drum on whatever you find in front of you (steering wheel, recycling cans, pots and pans, duct work, 5 gal buckets, water cooler bottles,...)?

Do you love creating rhythms?

Do you love vocal rhythm and beatboxing?

Do you love non-traditional, trance-based, improv rhythm making?

Do you love rhythm community? Do love rhythm communion?

Do you love that moment when you are completely in sync with other rhythm makers and you completely disapear and you don't even know how your body is doing what it is doing?

Now that's what I'm talkin about!

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Let's Get Together and Make Some Noise!

Seattle Center Armory