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Welcome to this special group. We created this meetup just for big Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers and fans like you. Learn more about wine tasting and discover your palate as you meet other wine type fans in your area. We host Cabernet Sauvignon tastings and education sessions using our state-of-the-art application, Quini. At each event, you get to share your true opinion about the wines you taste, literally helping to shape the next generation of wine type products that make it to the marketplace.

Join us. The next big event in your area is coming right up.


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FREE Online Wine Tasting + Includes FOUR FREE BOTTLES of Wine

You will be receiving four free bottles of wine. In exchange for this you will attend the Zoom and rate the wines. As you might imagine . . . if Quini is willing to send you free wine . . . we want to make sure you attend.

Hence the strong wording below. If you flake, you get removed.


YOUR RSVP Indicates you agree "YES" to all points.

By making an RSVP to this ONLINE Quini wine tasting event, you AGREE that you and AT LEAST ONE GUEST (pls. stick to health authority rules) will rate the wines together at the event. To be crystal clear: ADD the number of guests to your event RSVP here on Meetup. This is MANDATORY. No guests . . . you will NOT be attending.

You also are agreeing:

1) EACH ATTENDEE will create a free Quini account to use to rate the free wines Quini will deliver to you (FOR FREE). You will fully complete your Quini user profiles, BEFORE the event. These steps are DIFFERENT from, and IN ADDITION to your event RSVP.

2) You will be PHYSICALLY together with your camera ACTIVE during the real-time event on Zoom.

3) You are of legal drinking age in the United States.

4) You agree that on average you purchase retail or order in restaurants wine valued at US $10 - $25 or more, once or twice (on average) each month. Meaning this event is for average wine drinkers, compared to seldom.

NOTE: Failure to Attend the Zoom & Failure to Rate the wines after receiving the free wines, you commit to refunding to Quini the cost of wines plus shipping. Additionally you will not be allowed to partake in any future events on this group. You will ALSO be REMOVED from this group, and from ANY and ALL sister groups to this group.

In other words: IF you commit to this event, you commit to ATTEND THE ZOOM and YOU COMMIT TO RATE THE WINES.


Prepare to taste and rate FOUR great wines. Quini will deliver the wines to your home, completely free of charge.

40 or more members will receive full size bottles of wine, taste and rate them using Quini on your smartphone or tablet, to get your true opinion about the wines.

This experience is fun and rewarding.

Please login by 5:30 on the day of the event to prep your mobile device and check out how things work, so we can start on time.

The tasting starts at 6:00 p.m. SHARP. We start to wind down at 7:30 and shut down at 8:00.

Note that you will need at least 60 minutes to go through the three wine tastings on Quini and to socialize. Please plan accordingly.

Please RSVP quickly with your name and we'll set your FREE wines aside for you. Remember . . . the wine WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR.

Members love past Quini wine tastings. Every event has been full and often oversubscribed by a large margin. So, sign up ASAP.

RSVP directly to this invite. If you have a friend or family member who fits the criteria and they are not part of this Meetup group, ask them to join.

RSVPs to this event WILL CLOSE 3 weeks before the date of the event.

The Quini Team

What to do after you RSVP:

• Please add your shipping information at the form on this link immediately. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevrrmN_J9SMoCJCscvbyqVQcM7DspWHaCxMQdfN6BGCe2ObQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

• Sign up in advance at https://quiniwine.com/#/tasting-app and COMPLETE and SAVE your user profile (head shaped icon in the top right area of the website) with the city information, age, wine experience level, ethnic background, income bracket, etc.

• Plan to eat at least one hour prior to the tasting. Food affects how wine tastes and should not be consumed during the Quini tasting. Non-flavoured crackers are okay, if you must.

• Do not eat sweets or brush your teeth ahead nor during the wine tasting.

• Have a WELL CHARGED smartphone or tablet to use to rate wines, and a SEPARATE, larger screen device to watch the Zoom call.

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