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I started this group because I love softball and noticed there didn't appear to be an official Seattle area softball meetup page. My co-ed team has been playing together for 10 years now and we've been having trouble lately finding and securing players, especially females, to commit to seasons. One of the teams that I am on currently plays through the underdog league in Seattle (www.underdogseattle.com). Pm me if you wish to play on our teams. If you have skill you can play on our tournament team. We welcome all players.


We are a group of friends who play in leagues around town. We all welcome the practice and fun that softball provides. I will be holding a pickup game regularly WEEKLY when we hit the summer. For the ENTIRE summer. You are more than welcome to invite people to play with us.

The more players the better the game. We have extra gloves and bats for you.
We hope to make new friends who enjoy the game of softball. Come out and get some exercise. Enjoy the Seattle Sun with us. Hope to see you there. we hope the weather holds up. Let's play Ball.

Pickup Game every week If it's a nice sunny day.

Come and learn the game. We welcome beginners and veterans alike. Enjoy the exercise that softball brings.

Perhaps this group will grow large enough that different teams can schedule their game times on here as well, especially when they are low on players.

Now let's get out there and play some ball!!!

If you have any questions about this group, feel free to send me a message!

If you are interested in organizing events in your area, we welcome new organizers.

If you want to be part of this group it is important that you TAKE YOUR RSVP's SERIOUSLY. No one likes a flakey friend. Poor punctuality, continuous RSVP changes, and/or no shows - all of which comprises poor RSVP etiquette, will lead to you being eliminated from the group because, as our mantra states, no one likes a flakey friend.

INHERENT RISK: Organizers carefully plan events and check public sources for weather and safety. Conditions may change or reports may contain errors. Inherent natural hazards are associated with softball. Organizers do not accept any liability for accidents/injuries in connection with the activities published herein or on linked sites.

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Keep on Moving WA Come Play Under the Lights !

Upper Hamlin Park

Come catch the excitement as we play Softball under the lights.

*Location is Change of venue for Softball. Upper HAMLIN Park Fields !

This is always a grand time! As we hit the Autumn Season.

The eight rules of Secret Softball include:

1. You do not talk about Secret Softball.
2.You DO NOT talk about Secret Softball.
3.You hit into the net or hit the pitcher YOUR OUT.
4.You hit a HomeRun into the Bushes. You Replace the ball.
5.You behave and enjoy the company. No Hotheads.
6.We split into teams and play hard.
7.There is no time allotment associated with the games.
8.You will not come play if your sick.

This is our Covert version of our BP Session. If we have more than enough we will do 5 X 5. If we have enough we play a pick up game. This will be full on recreational sandlot style. No hotheads. Everyone here is old enough to make there own decisions. join us or not. You are welcome to wear a mask or not. If we get questioned by authorities. no one knows each other. There are a lot of peeps behind this. We will bring the bases. We all want to enjoy our selves. Because of the weather we will be playing on dirt and grass.

Invite your friends.

-Make NEW Friends in Seattle

-Get Vitamin D the old fashioned way!
-Play in a win/win/win fun environment!
-Sleep well at night after a great game of Softball!

Wow what a blast!! Lets do it again. Forecast for a dry day. Lets not waste it. Looks like Sun a good turn out. Softball is heating Up. Come earlier please ! Bring sweats and a sweater! Come and play till your tired!

***Use the message boards for a ride. Riders help with gas $$$**

Remember if you miss this event. You'll miss an awesome experience .
***As far as this event system goes, participation is voluntary and you attend at your own risk, and that Organizers are indemnified.

Men's Lynnwood team needs players.
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

We are looking to add a few more players. Games are scheduled for end of May and into June. Ten regular season games, plus playoffs. Games are scheduled for Wednesday and Sundays. We are a casual, semi-competitive team of 30-34yo males looking for cool, reliable players. League play is $65. Thanks for looking! Jesse

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☎[masked] Jesse

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