October 2019 Seattle ColdFusion User Group Meeting

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*** ColdFusion Summit 2019 Recap - Leon O'Daniel - O'Daniel Designs, LLC ***
Leon will provide a recap of ColdFusion Summit 2019, including his highlights and impressions of the summit.

*** Part II - Integrating Twilio for Conversion Tracking with Your CF Web App - Leon O'Daniel - O'Daniel Designs, LLC ***
You're assisting your clients with marketing, but are you measuring the effectiveness of those marketing campaigns? You will learn how to create a conversion tracking application using Twilio and ColdFusion to determine the effectiveness of your Google, Facebook and other marketing campaigns.

*** Next Steps for the Seattle ColdFusion User Group - All ***

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This meeting is completely on-line. Join our Zoom Video Conference at https://zoom.us/j/474994354.