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Dining In by Alison Roman
Dining In by Alison Roman is one of those cookbooks that I started flipping through and ended up with almost a book full of tagged pages. The recipes are approachable but have some unique ingredients, many are easy enough for a weeknight but look and sound good enough for a dinner party. The subtitle is "Highly Cookable Recipes" and I agree. I've made a couple of the recipes already and I can't wait to try a potluck's worth of them! This book is quite popular so you can likely find recipes reprinted online, the library has copies (though I imagine holds are long), and lastly here is an Amazon link: The "Look Inside" on Amazon has some of the recipes available, as well as the full table of contents that you can use to search for the other recipes online. Reminders: Do not RSVP if you are not committed to coming. If something changes and you can't make it, no problem, just update your RSVP as soon as possible! We usually have a waitlist so let someone else take your spot instead of being a no-show. Pick a dish from the book or blog to make and post what you will be bringing in the comments – 1 dish per person, so if you have a +1 please bring two dishes or double a recipe. This helps us avoid duplicates and have a balanced menu. Make sure your Meetup settings allow messages from the organizers - in Settings under Email Updates and then under Seattle Cookbook Club, you should have the "Announcement about a specific Meetup" option checked. If you don't get the emails, check your spam, or social folders (for those on Gmail). Bring serving utensils for your dish - and remember to take them home 😊 Your dish must be prepared in advance and ready to serve when you arrive - there is no time or space to cook in the host's home. If you need to use the oven to reheat, or something like that, ask the host directly if they have the space for that, otherwise assume not. Bring a dollar or two to help cover the Meetup fees for hosting a group ($178/year) – please give to the host. Feel free to BYOB

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I always have a long list of cookbooks I want to check out and there's nothing like a group of people to share the meal with that will inspire me to dive in to new recipes. The idea is simple: we pick a cookbook, everyone picks a recipe from the cookbook and makes it, we all get together for a delicious potluck, and then we pick a new book and do it again! All it takes is a group of people willing to cook one dish and bring it to share, and we'll get to try a variety of dishes, and connect with new friends.

I eat everything, but have a soft spot for vegetarian cuisine. I prefer creative vegetable focused dishes to heavier meat centered meals, so you'll see my cookbook suggestions reflect that. Feel free to chime in and recommend any next book.

Everyone is welcome, this is a friendly group, not a competition! Also, anyone is welcome to host events, that's how we can keep having events - just message me and I'll set you up. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the group and not enough events today for everyone that wants to participate so I encourage anyone to host, and it can be a group as big or small as you want :). Hosts makes the rules, so if there is a specific book you want to use the best way to do it is to host a meetup, or find a friend who is willing to!

Treat the group and, especially the hosts, with gratitude and respect by taking your RSVPs seriously. Hosts spend time preparing, open up their home, and the group waits for everyone to arrive before eating, so if you are not committed to coming, please leave the spot for someone else. Our events often have waitlists, please don't be a no-show. Of course life happens and there is nothing wrong with updating your RSVP if you can't make it, just please keep your RSVP up to date.

If you are bringing a guest you have to RSVP with a +1 to respect the waitlist. Bring one dish per person, or double the dish you are making if you are bringing a guest.

Also, if you don't mind, please use your real name so that we know who you are when we see you on the guest list, commenting, and finally meet you in person. It helps people connect and stay in touch to know who you are!

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