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Hills suck. In undulating Seattle, cars have will always have a place, but they are no longer practical with increasing density (yay!). This is a Meetup group for the fastest growing movement in transportation for the city that needs it the most; The Seattle Electric Bike Meetup Group. There are too many benefits of electric biking to list, so we welcome anybody interested to in a healthy mode of transportation where you can choose how much you want to sweat. If you own, are building, or are considering an electric bike this is a group where you can share and acquire knowledge, try out technologies (and power levels) that you have only heard about, discuss alternative transportation trends, nerd out on lipo safety, learn from others' mistakes, and without question; ride. While there will inevitably be discussions on hot-rodding and demonstrated feats of strength; we also hope to have informed discussions and lectures on alternative transportations, battery storage technology, infrastructure, and being good shepherds of a very powerful technology. We strongly encourage participation of any vehicle that has two (or less) wheels, is self propelled, and does not burn oil. That said, we all start somewhere and are going somewhere with our electric propulsion endeavors, and this is an opportunity to get there without riding solo. Even the curious are welcome, but should consider what they are getting into on the ride meetups.

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