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Hi! Do you need to be with the like-minded people to get an inspiration? Do you want to improve your English and you believe that other students can put on the table something useful for you? Are you the person who can work in a team and contribute? Is it easier for you to study when you explain something to others?

The group is for upper intermediate and advanced levels only. We prepare materials for listening, writing and reading, we speak a lot, and we help each other to correct the mistakes. We are sharing stories about things that happened to us and discussing American life style that is new for us. We teach each other the way every "teacher" prefers and we are open for any initiative that can bring more efficiency to the learning process and help us reach our goals.

We don't care about your visa status, but it would be nice if you stay with us for more than a couple of weeks :)

What can you do? You can attend :) You can prepare anything you are interested in or something you need to memorize something - be "selfish" - and share it with us :) And you will see that it is actually very useful for everyone as it is for you :)

You can join and help us with organizing any activities. For now, we have four clubs: 1) a book club, 2) public social events club, 3) museums and culture club, and 4) random weekly meetings club :)
You can suggest any other activities you feel you can be helpful with. May be you will lead a job club for those young pros who are looking for a first job in the US? Just apply the skills you've got at this new location :)


P.S. If you feel this IS NOT the right group for you, I still can recommend you a great conversational group in Bellevue - it IS a great group for a conversation and more! I've been there several times. I wish there were in Seattle instead of Bellevue :) http://www.meetup.com/English-Language-Learners-Alliance/

P.S. 2 If you are an ESL instructor who is looking for a group, feel free to contact me. I can announce your services to the group.

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