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While we are concerned about all environmental issues, our current focus is on preventing drilling in the Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska. To this end we are united with several other groups and are seeking additional support from like minded people in the community. The new drilling developments in the Chukchi Sea have been led by Shell and are predicted in the U.S. Department of Interior Report (on drilling in the Chukchi Sea) to have a 75% chance of causing a spill. Further, spill cleanup is impossible for over half the year (due to sea ice) and a blowout could cause the unabated flow of oil for months. The irony is the oil deposits are only now becoming available as a result of the receding sea ice (presumably due to global warming). It is widely believed that burning the oil in the Arctic will surpass the 2 degree Celsius warming target maximum. Surpassing the 2 degree Celsius temperature increase is predicted to risk catastrophic outcomes for the planet at large. We believe the time is know for us to unite and take a stand and to not only oppose drilling in the Arctic, but to use this as a means to gain further momentum for the environmental sustainability movement at large. Please join us! If you wish to learn more about Arctic drilling, visit or contact us at

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