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Full Stack Spark and Openshift

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6:00-6:30 Food and social!

6:30-6:50 Welcome and a word from our sponsors - Joe Roets is a software architect with over 25 years of experience and has worked Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2010 at Disney, W3C, Symbiont, Overstock, Coinbase, and createTank/cr3473.

Tempered Networks - Thomas Kee works for an Internet 3.0 company and has been a pioneer in networking, virtualization, and SDN for the past 30 year with Intel, AT&T, Cablelabs, and F5 Networks.

6:50-7:50 Spark: Agile Data Science 2.0 by Russell Jurney

Agile Data Science 2.0 from O'Reilly Media Russell takes a full-stack analytics web application from the research phase through deployment. We iteratively refine raw airline and flight data into the assets of data science: tables, charts, reports, search, and predictions - all on the web. We build a statistical model to predict flight delays using Spark MLlib and we deploy it in batch with Airflow and in realtime with Kafka and Spark Streaming.

7:50-8:50 Openshift by Chak Ambeer

Chak is a Solutions Architect with Red Hat Inc and Cloud Native Compute Foundation Ambassador. He enables Red Hat customers with adoption of open source solutions in their journey towards containerization, cloud adoption, PaaS, DevOps, and microservices. As a Solution Architect Chak has experience working with numerous customers.
The Walt Disney Company
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