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We connect startup founders with startup funding from angel investors, seed and venture capital. We attract the most innovative startups in both tech and non-tech industries.

At our events you can demo your startup, meet investors and learn how to build startups.

Our events are monthly:

Life 3.0 - Startups That Change The Way You Live (Demo of early-stage startups)
You Pitch, Angels Teach (Startups Pitch to Investors)
Startup School (Learn from Investors and CEOs how to build your startup)

We also cover the following topics: disruptive startups, pitching your startup, investor relations, startup law, augmented reality, and mobile development.

Take a look at our community here, and join us to build successful start-ups.

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F&F warm up: We have over 65 RSVP's! Working on First Event Date/Time/Location!

Hello Everyone!

This has grown to a large enough group we need to get this show on the road!

Without help or a sponsor, we may have to charge "something" like $10 each, to help cover the cost of a meeting room. Has been a very busy last couple of weeks traveling and trainings and closing deals..... someone have an office or meeting place? Is there a date and time that we could meet at your office? Needs to be a couple of weeks out, so that I can book a good price on a flight! Hey everyone, there are comments about this or that,

and who is willing to help make it happen?

Working on dates for May or June,

Please understand... takes longer when I do everything 100% myself.

Here is what I am looking for! Co-Organizers! Event Coordinators! People willing to help make this happen! We need a Location, Date, Time,

Who can help?

Please STEP UP! as I just did...


New Group Organizer

Are you a startup who needs funding. Angel or investor looking for next awesome product to invest? Want to learn how to pitch. Curious about latest technology trend and funding strategies? Follow us to attend our first meetup in Seattle. Soon.

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