How to Build the Future of Space

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Talk will be in the main lobby of We Work

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Building the Future of Space has many aspects but being able to predict and imagine what that future will look like is useful to determine what direction to build in.

The talk provides insights to some of the key issues in the ethics and principles of the scientific study of futures, and introduces the most common methods used by professional futurists when obtaining futures knowledge. You will learn how to make a logical chain of events from the present to the future by combining data with vision.

After learning how to study the future creating it is another story. Hear from local Space Entrepreneur Robert P. Hoyt from Tethers Unlimited Inc. on what it takes and what tools we’ll need to create the future of space.

Join us at We Work on December 12th as two of the areas thought leaders in these realms share their ideas and methodologies for building the future of space.

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Kati Rissanen is an independent professional who comes from the academic world of futures studies with another foot in the private sector. Her specialty is applying futures thinking to sustainability and responsibility issues, but her secret passion is space exploration.

Robert P. Hoyt, Ph.D. CEO & Chief Scientist at Tethers Unlimited Inc. ( Technologies for Space, Sea, Earth, & Air

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