Scott J.Scott J.

Scott J.

Co-organizer, Leadership Team: Event Coordinator


Seattle, WA

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Apr 3, 2014



How many triathlons have you completed and what distances?

Too Many to Count

What are your triathlon goals for next year?

Ironman Canada and Wisconsin, maybe slide into Cozumel if I feel good enough. #1 goal is to continue to enjoy the sport and stay injury free...

What is your favorite memory from a triathlon?

The last 200 yard run/shuffle on Sherman Ave on June 21st 2009, and seeing my son run on the sidewalk. Also Mike telling me I was an Ironman

What are you hoping to get out of this group?

experience, comraderie, and fun

Which is your favorite triathlon discipline (swim, bike, or run), which is your least favorite, and why?

bike is probably fav right now, just because. Swimmimg is still a challenge, thinking I'm improving, but finish every race with 3-5 minutes. definite plateau.