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Seattle, WA

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Jan 18, 2019

How long have you been running and do you have any bucket list goals you are motivated to accomplish?

I've hated running most of my life but have over the past 1.5 started running more. I've done several 5k and even an 8k. I'd like to do a 1/2 and if I survive possibly a full.

How did your 2018 go as far as running? Any highlights that you'd like to share?

I did several trail runs

Do you have any running goals for this year? Any races on the calendar for you?

No races on the calendar as of yet. I've been recovering from surgery so working slowly back into a running routine.

What’s the best way to get you to show up for one of our group runs?

I just need to get out of my own way. I don't like not being good at something. It would be nice if there are highlighted events for newbies or beginning runners.

We’d like nothing more than to have you joining us for runs. How can we best support you in helping you get the most out of running?