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Maddie C.



Seattle, WA

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Dec 27, 2018

How long have you been running and do you have any bucket list goals you are motivated to accomplish?

I've been running off and on for the last 8 years, but I've gotten much more into running the last year and a half or so.

How did your 2018 go as far as running? Any highlights that you'd like to share?

I completed my first (two) half marathon(s). I enjoyed training for these very much but wasn't as pleased with the outcomes as I would have hoped.

Do you have any running goals for this year? Any races on the calendar for you?

I am running the Eugene Half Marathon in Eugene, OR in April and would love to train with others that are on the same timeline for training or even participating in the same race.

What’s the best way to get you to show up for one of our group runs?

To be reached out to personally. It's easy to be interested in an open-ended event or meetup than to go if it feels like no one will miss not having you there.

We’d like nothing more than to have you joining us for runs. How can we best support you in helping you get the most out of running?

I'm looking to build friendships and relationships with others in the running community here in Seattle and just hope to be able to do that by joining this group and getting involved!