Desiree J.Desiree J.

Desiree J.

Assistant organizer, Leadership Team


Seattle, WA

Joined group

Sep 14, 2012


A day started with a run is always going to be a good one for me. Been running forever and can't imagine life without it. Never thought I could possibly love it more and then I joined SGLRG and realized there's a whole lot of happy crazy out there.

How long have you been running and do you have any bucket list goals you are motivated to accomplish?

Running races is not a huge priority for me, so haven't really thought of this. It is always a great excuse to go traveling though..

How did your 2018 go as far as running? Any highlights that you'd like to share?

Pacing Rock & Roll Seattle and Biggest Loser Half was the best experience, second only to Ragnar NW Passage. No sleep, stuck in a van for hours, running at 2am, and an absolute blast! Almost forgot about Vancouver Half, a PR always feels good :-)

Do you have any running goals for this year? Any races on the calendar for you?

For now I just want to be 100% injury free before I can even think about that.

What’s the best way to get you to show up for one of our group runs?


We’d like nothing more than to have you joining us for runs. How can we best support you in helping you get the most out of running?

I would love to be a successful pacer again for a half marathon. And of course Ragnar NW Passage with Worst Pace Scenarios!