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This meetup group is for seasoned and new users alike who are interested in the Groovy programming language and associated tools and frameworks (Grails, Gradle, Spock, Spring-Boot, Android, etc). While we declare ourselves as being in Seattle, we serve the greater Seattle area of Bellevue, Redmond and other outlying areas as well and keep our meeting times and places flexible to meet the demands of our members.


• Isn't Groovy really slow?

No. Speeds are often equivalent to Java (https://dzone.com/articles/groovy-20-performance-compared). You can write Groovy dynamically at it CAN be slower in this sense, you can always compile it statically (which alot of people forget or don't know) and this gives you equivalent nearly equivalent speeds to Java.

• What has Grails to offer over Play or even Rails?

There are numerous online presentations on Grails vs other JVM frameworks but below are the two most popular. The end result is Grails has easily twice the demand of the most popular framework, easier development, larger plugin ecosystem and is based on Spring by default which is recommended for integration into most frameworks.

Plus now it is based on Spring-boot, a micro-service framework which is gaining TREMENDOUSLY in popularity.



• Is it hard to learn?

Groovy is commonly called 'Java's Gateway Drug (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/groovy-javas-gateway-drug-owen-rubel?trk=pulse_spock-articles)' because of how easy it is to learn and how quickly it leads to Java developers overnight. In comparison, Scala is twice as hard to learn (http://www.scala-lang.org/old/node/7431). From the Scala website itself on a discussion over simplicity to learn: 'Scala is designed to be easy to reuse and maintain, not to be quick to learn.'

• Can I program Android Apps in Groovy?

Why not? The New York Times did (http://open.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/getting-groovy-with-reactive-android/?_r=0). Besides, Groovy is part of the Android SDK. :)

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Seattle Groovy/Grails Users Group Monthly Meetup

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