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What we’re about

Seattle H Scene is a social group for people with herpes (HSV1, HSV2) and HPV who live in Western Washington. The original Yahoo group was established in 2003. We now have over 1000 members on Yahoo alone and a rapidly growing 1000+ member Facebook group. We welcome everyone over 18 who is interested in making new friends, sharing fun activities, and meeting others who share our surprisingly common situation.

***We are excited to now be offering monthly SUPPORT meetings. Please join the group in order to receive notices about the support meeting details.***

Seattle H Scene is NOT a dating service and offers NO personal ads. Instead, members plan social activities to allow other members to meet each other in a comfortable, fun and relaxed atmosphere. It's mostly about making new friends and having fun together. Whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone is welcome. Many friendships as well as romances have started at our events.


This group's information is set to PRIVATE and only MEMBERS can view our events and other content. If you have herpes and/or HPV, please join us. For privacy purposes, you may want to create a new anonymous email address on Gmail or Yahoo and use that to join this group.

YOUR PRIVACY ON MEETUP: If you would like to join this Meetup Group, but don't want Seattle H Scene to show up in the list of all Meetup Groups that you belong to, you must go into your Meetup Profile and change your settings to "Hide Groups".  (If you created a brand new profile, this setting can only be accessed after you have joined a group.)

On a mobile ~ SETTINGS are accessed by clicking on the three vertical dot on the upper right corner of the home page.  Clicking on "Settings" will lead you to a page with Meetup settings.  On that page, click Privacy Settings.  That will lead you to the page where you can simply UNCHECK the box next to "Show your Meetup groups".

On a desktop ~ GENERAL SETTINGS can be accessed by clicking on the circle with your pic on the very top of the page.  Creates a drop down box.  Settings for email address and basic bio can be accessed there.  This drop box is also how you reach all of your individual Meetup groups.

GROUP PROFILE SETTINGS are accessed by first going to the group's home page (found via that drop box).  Click 'My Profile' by the square profile pic under the group title banner.  This is where you control your group visibility settings.  Click on 'View Profile'.  Under your pic on the right side, click the part that says "Hide my Meetup groups from others".

Joining with Facebook could also reveal your affiliation with our group.  Unless you have an H-only Facebook profile (a unique FB profile that you use exclusively for H groups on Facebook), we suggest that you do NOT use Facebook to sign up for this or other H Groups on Meetup.

Many people also prefer to show just their first name and not their last name.  Other people prefer to use an alias. To make changes to your "name" that other members see, go to your "Account" settings where you can delete your last name or create an alias.