2019 Cascadia HealthTech Showcase

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Healthcare is undergoing rapid transformation, but for many, not rapid enough. Jaren Walker, Program Manager at the Tech Alliance, will introduce our forward-looking leaders as they showcase their transformative technology approaches to facilitating change.

The Cascadia Region is known for its deep bench of technology, biotechnology, and healthcare talent. Join us to preview demonstrations of new products and tools that show how these fields are coming together to facilitate much needed transformation across healthcare. You will see interactive apps, portable diagnostic tools, new wave health IT, data discovery techniques. Prepare to be wowed by futuristic approaches that are right around the corner.

Location: Cambia Grove
Date: Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019, 5-8pm (immediately following day 1 of the Geekwire Summit held at the Hyatt Regency Seattle)

Cost: $10 per person
Anyone can attend! Come see the presenting organizations and companies and their products and services.

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Thank you to our sponsor Washington State Department of Commerce!


2019 Cascadia HealthTech Showcase Presenters

2Morrow Inc
An app-based program for teens and young adults who vape and want to quit.

BrainChild Technologies
Smart Pacifier platform to help caregivers monitor infants for hearing loss.

CuraCloud Corporation
Medical image analysis using AI

Edus Health
An accurate and accessible smartphone-based tool for detecting middle ear fluid that sends a soft acoustic chirp into the ear canal and detects reflected sound from the eardrum.

Voice enabled IoT medication management platform.

Navigating Cancer
Patient relationship management platform is designed to help oncology providers improve care coordination and facilitate better patient engagement and communication.

Omic predicts next year's highest cost patients and creates genomic and other -omic intervention strategies.

Plain Concepts
Biopsy needle tracking with HoloLens.

Care providers use Samaritan to help vulnerable populations address critical determinants of
health, significantly lowering costs and
yielding life-changing outcomes.

tuzag, Inc.
tuzag is a revolutionary digital tailoring and communication engagement relationship platform that provides a conversational AI concierge fostering surprising, delightful, one-on-one relationships for that generate exponentially greater engagement and navigation.

Visom Technology
AR + AI software for surgery in a wearable device that delivers the right data to users on-demand, any place it's needed.


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