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Hi Everyone - I hope you are staying safe and doing well with all of the lifestyle changes right now. Don’t know about all of you, but I miss our meals together and look forward to seeing you all again when it’s safe.

Based on Washington State's Reopening Guidelines (effective 7/30), the area must be in Phase 4 for us to meet. In all likelihood I will wait 3-6 weeks after Phase 4 begins before organizing an event. It will depend on our local, regional, and national COVID-19 trends at that time.

Note: Phase 4 will be the first time restaurants can exceed 50% capacity and seat more than 5 people at a table. Whenever Phase 4 happens, look for a note here or in comments.

Hopefully we can meet yet this year.

Take care and stay healthy!

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We're Food Hunters, looking for the hidden gems in Seattle!

What is the group all about? We're a group of friends & friendly strangers who enjoy conversation and cuisine from all cultures. We are respectful and open to folks from all backgrounds. We're fun, friendly people who love to have a great time over a great meal.

What kind food do we eat? We try everything from cheap eats to hard to get into places, hot new restaurants to Seattle icons, meals for serious foodies and gatherings over comfort foods from all over the world. We try to share meals family style with the goal of being able to try more dishes. If you are planning to order individually or have dietary restrictions, give the organizer a heads up.

Is there an age requirement? We welcome anyone 21 and over.

Generally, what takes place at an event? Sharing a meal is about bringing people together. We design events to enjoy good food and foster friendship. Most events will be between 6 to 12 people, maybe more if the situation allows. We mostly focus on Seattle restaurants though on occasion we will venture to further reaches of the area. Typically, we will split the bill evenly if we are eating family style or if entrees are of similar value.

What kind of events do you have?

• Typical – we arrive and get our table. Usually this goes smoothly, sometimes we might need to wait a few minutes to be seated.

• Reserved table - This is usually at more popular and/or smaller restaurants with limited seating. If there is a reservation, the RSVP will close a minimum of 2 hours prior to the event and up to two days before.

• Open House - You can come and go anytime during the listed time frame. You still need to keep your RSVP current, so we know who to expect.

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Group Guidelines –

Message &/or notifications – Please allow notifications for events, changes to events you RSVP to, and group correspondence from the Organizer. Group correspondence happens about two times a year.

Cash payment - Bring cash or be prepared to send $ electronically. Using cash is easier for your host & benefits the restaurant. We ask this as many restaurants limit the number of cards allowed for groups. The event host will be responsible for coordinating the bill payment.

Lateness – It helps everyone if you are on time. It's tough for the organizer & the group if you're late. We understand things happen that will cause delay, just notify the host via the event page or direct message asap. Constant lateness over extended time frame may result in being removed from the group.

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RSVP Etiquette -

RSVP Status - Everyone is requested to update your RSVP in a timely manner, whether you are on the “Going” or “Waitlist”.

Waitlist – When someone cancels their “Going” RSVP, meetup will automatically move up (unsuspecting) waitlist people onto the “Going” list. Being on the Wait List also requires you to check your status before the RSVP closes. If you are moved to the “Going” list and do not attend the event, it may be counted as a “No Show”.

Last Minute Cancellations – You must cancel before the RSVP closes. Cancelling after the RSVP closes will be counted as a “No Show”.

No Shows – Things happen, we get it. If we see that you RSVP but do not show up, we will send you a message. If this happens more than 2 times in a year you may be removed from attending future events. We hope you can understand as this is out of respect for everyone who spends their time organizing and also often order food ahead of time for larger parties.

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Administrative upkeep of the group – The Group Organizer may remove long-term, inactive members. If you have not attended or RSVP’d to any event in over one year, then you may be removed without notice. We recognize there are a ton of great meetup options for one to partake within the Seattle area or sometimes life changes make it impossible to attend. That’s why you can rejoin the group whenever you are available to attend again.

Past events (90)

HH - Dinner at BOCA on Capitol Hill

BOCA Restobar & Grill

Chinese Modern at Peony Kitchen in Bellevue

Peony Kitchen Bellevue

HH - Dinner at Americana (was BOCA)

Americana Restaurant

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