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Come one and all, those who love Escape Rooms, and want to have some good, clean fun. This Meetup is for those around the Greater Seattle Area (and tourists too!) who want to play Escape Room adventure games and have fun. Prior experience isn't necessary, just come with an open mind and desire to solve puzzles in fun rooms and escape!

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Looking for something to do tonight - Friday June 9th -

It's short notice, but a fellow Seattle Escape Rooms Meetup member (thank you Megan Jenkins!) has recommended an interesting event happening Friday, June 9th, at 9:30pm. Its an awesome horror film that will be playing at SIFF (https://www.siff.net/... (https://www.siff.net/egyptian-theatre)­) called "Escape Room!"

If you're an enthusiast and looking for a thrill, this is it!

The synopsis is: A group of friends is brought into the latest underground party craze, escape rooms, where they are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles. But these puzzles have deadly consequences, and the players realize they are now playing for their very lives.

Feel free to use this discussion board to connect with others if you're interested in going. It isn't an official Meetup, but it is definitely something fun to do with friends!

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