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"More than a diet, macrobiotics is a philosophy. 'Macro' means large and 'bio' means life. It is the art of creating a big life..." -Jessica Porter, The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics.

Our food choices affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you seeking to make good choices amongst all the conflicting diet advice?

What is Macrobiotics? It is a primarily whole foods plant-based approach to eating based on traditional healing foods. It also encompasses a lifestyle approach that includes habits to support optimum health. It looks different for everybody, as everybody is different. But primarily we eat and cook whole grains, vegetables, legumes & bean products, fermented foods, sea vegetables, fruit, condiments, and other yummy stuff. Macrobiotics differs from a vegan diet in that it uses less processed foods and highest quality ingredients.

"Eating foods created by nature helps us to harmonize with natural rhythms, while eating foods made in a factory help us to harmonize with video games."- JP

By attending our Meet-Ups you can:

• Learn to cook healing foods

• Meet new people & create community

• Come to a potluck

• Join a Book study group

• Plug into a support team for your health concerns

• Gain access to tons of macrobiotic resources

• Participate in bulk food orders

• Become aware how different foods affect your health condition

• Gain access to health consultations with senior teachers

• Take charge of your health thru food

• Feel better with lifestyle changing tips

• Attend cooking classes

• Taste what traditional macrobiotic recipes are supposed to taste like

• Learn new recipes

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