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Finding Your (Customer's) True Identity

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We are pushing out the Storytelling with Data workshop, so we can host a better prepared event. Sorry!! I think we will look at September. We can still do the BBQ, as weather will still be nice.


I am really psyched instead to offer an awesome presentation/discussion around predictive analytics by Niraj Shah, President and Co-Founder of inome. He wants to make it a 2 way conversation, so he will be coming with questions for us as well so he can pick our brains.

Email and web advertising is still generic. Marketers ultimately want to get to the segmentation of one. However, most marketers only have limited information about their customers and rely upon basic transaction history to fill in the gaps. What they are missing is all of the other attributes of their customers from the online & online world, including their customer’s relatives, neighbors and others in their sphere of influence.

This presentation will discuss how we can take characteristics from customers who have purchased a product and build a predictive model that will help identify the other customers to market that product to. You can look at real-world connections such as schools, relatives, spouses, neighbors, profession, location, and education, among others and connect those insights with what you already know about customers’ shopping and purchase history.

I hope all of you can still attend!