Moving Beyond Attribution: Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics



Moving Beyond Attribution: Using Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Optimization to Maximize Omni-Channel Digital Campaign Effectiveness

As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait!" I apologize for such a late announcement. I was saving up for Ian and I believe his presentation will be well worth it!!!

Ian Thomas ( Principal Group Program Manager, Customer Data & Analytics at Microsoft. He has been with Microsoft since 2006 spearheading some of its most ambitious data initiatives to challenge what Microsoft knows about it consumers to enable them to deliver hyper-targeted omni-channel marketing campaigns.

In his talk, Ian will describe some of the advanced analytical techniques that he and his team are using to deliver impactful insights to move beyond attribution modeling into optimization-driven campaigns using advanced Machine Learning techniques.


About Ian

Ian Thomas ( has been involved in online measurement and customer intelligence for over fifteen years. Since joining Microsoft in 2006, Ian has headed up a number of major data initiatives that help the company understand and serve its customers better, in areas including online advertising, the Bing search engine, Office and Windows. In his current role, he is responsible for bringing together customer behavioral, attitudinal and demographic data to power personalized experiences in Microsoft products and marketing communications through real-time targeting and message optimization across multiple digital channels.

I encourage you to take time to visit his blog, Lies, Damned Lies: The Unreliable World of Online Marketing Analytics. (


A big Thank You to eSage Group ( for allowing me to organize this event month after month and paying for the amazing empanadas and beverages at our fabulous venue, SUR (!