What we're about

Welcome to the Seattle Nomad Real Estate Investor Club community: a fun, supportive home for folks using the Nomad real estate investing model to come together, network, learn from each other and support each other.

What is Nomad?

The Nomad model has you:

1. Buy a home as an owner occupant
2. Live there for a year then buy a new home and convert the previous to a rental
3. Repeat

Who Is Nomad For

The Nomad model is an exceptional real estate investing strategy for:

1. People needing to catch up with money for retirement
2. Young professionals looking to build massive wealth
3. Parents with young children saving for college
4. Parents with young adults looking to leave a legacy and positively change their family's finances
5. Real estate investors with little down payment to invest

Who Should Join

Membership is free and we welcome:

• People willing to embrace the giving, nurturing, helpful, grateful philosophy and culture of the group

• First time home owners considering Nomad

• Active Nomads

• Real estate agents that want to learn about Nomad (presumably so they can help their clients)

• Real estate agents that want to work with Nomads (and ideally one that would like to be the official real estate agent for the group and to sponsor of the group)

• Lenders that want to learn about Nomad (again, presumably so they can help their clients)

• Lenders that want to work with Nomads (and ideally one that would like to be the official lender for the group and to sponsor of the group)

What This Group Is Not

What this meetup is not: it is not a traditional real estate investor group that focuses on fix and flip, wholesaling, buying properties off market. We're not opposed to those strategies but other real estate investor groups focus on that and many do a great job. We focus primarily on Nomad and variations of Nomad.

While we are pro real estate agent and pro lender (and look to have an official real estate agent and lender to sponsor the group and be there to support our Nomads), if you're a real estate agent or lender that is just joining solely to "get" business, this group is not for you. We believe in the "Go Giver" philosophy and encourage you to read that book if you have not.

Who Runs The Group

We are a volunteer run organization and rely heavily on local volunteers to coordinate and facilitate local meetings. We encourage and help people become leaders.

Nomad Philosophy

The group was founded on the principle of giving 20 times more in value than you expect to receive. With that being said: membership is completely free (but donations are welcome) thanks to the valued support of our local real estate professional sponsors (real estate agent and lender) and we encourage you to patronize and support our sponsors.

Our History

The idea of buying a property, moving in and then converting it to a rental has been around for a long time. James Orr, a real estate broker in Fort Collins, CO had several clients doing variations of that model and as a client was describing to him what he intended to do, James asked him if he knew just how good the math was for that model.

James then went home and built a spreadsheet modeling buying a home, living there for a year then converting that property to a rental and buying a new home to repeat the process. The returns were phenomenal. So, James started to really focus on the model, create better tools, teach classes on it and share it with others and named in the Nomad model because you're moving around from house to house like a Nomad.

He eventually went on to write the Nomad book and found Nomad Investor Clubs LLC (with this group as a chapter of that) to share the model with folks across the country.

Now, James teaches Nomad classes to real estate agents, lenders and Nomads. As a member of this group, you can attend the Nomad classes for free. Our real estate agent and lender sponsor can attend the real estate agent/lender classes for free with their sponsorship.

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