What we're about

This is a group for anyone confused about what they should be eating or what foods are truly healthful for them as well as for those who know what they should be eating to nourish their bodies properly but just can’t seem to do it (as is the case with most of us-not due to laziness or lack or will-power). I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach and while I have a private practice, I see a community in distress, with physical illness and with psychological torment. The majority of people I meet need to improve their current health status and to prevent even more serious ailments, and I truly believe that nutrition can have healing and transformative properties.

The “right” lifestyle and ideal nutrition for optimal health is different for each person and there is so much information flying around (with over a hundred popular diets promising success) that it’s no wonder people feel like they are continually struggling in a never-ending quest just to fail. This group is a safe forum both for people to ask questions and get honest advice about how to improve their nutrition AND a place for members to support each other as they make their personal lifestyle shifts and struggle through the inevitable obstacles along the way to a healthier, happier life.

We can also share ideas, recipes, cooking techniques, and other strategies that we’ve found effectual with one another . Ideally members would come once a week or once every other week (whichever the group decides is most beneficial). I am happy to facilitate the group and guide the general format, but as the group evolves, it will become more and more self-sustaining and members can take control of the structure.

A private space in North Capital Hill is available to us every week, as is a space in South Greenlake, however, if people want to meet (and feel comfortable meeting) in a more public setting, we can meet in any coffee shop throughout the city that is convenient to the members and conducive to open discussion.

Quite aside from the educational and supportive elements of this group is perhaps the group’s most important quality: non-judgmental accountability by ones peers (the aspect shown to produce the greatest long-term results with regards to sustaining positive health-related lifestyle shifts, especially those about nutrition). The group is open to anyone 18 years and older.

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