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Pagan Book Discussion: Pantheons, Deities, Divinity
At our gathering on July 8, we decided that on our special focus for this gathering, which falls between the sabbats of Winter Eve (Samhain) and Mid Winter (Yule), will be books on pantheons, deities, and divinity. Participants are encouraged to read one new book for the occasion and to bring a book or two (or more!) to “show and tell”, as lots of good reading ideas have come out of this exchange in the past. Or just bring yourself and your thoughts and questions. This event is organized in collaboration with Pagan Renewal Seattle: Pagans of all paths and traditions—as well as non-Pagan seekers, visitors, and friends—are very welcome! In Reform Pagan practice, this gathering aligns with the “Element of Air”: pursuing Truth in both ancient wisdom and modern learning.


1600 E Olive Way · Seattle, WA

What we're about

We’re a Paganism-oriented, book-inspired discussion group that meets about once a month without any special reading or other advance preparation required.

Each gathering focuses on a particular Paganism-related topic so participants can chat about books they have read or want to read on the topic, bring their personal copies of books they’ve read on the topic to show others, get ideas for more books to read on the topic, and maybe even exchange books on the topic!

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