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This is a meetup group for people interested in playing in a West March/Hex-Crawl style Pathfinder game where the players coordinate with the GM to setup games in a persistent, shared world.

What is a West March?

A West March is a style of game play in which players explore the surrounding area of their "key location". Adventuring parties will begin and end the game sessions in this location. The world is persistent and affected by character behavior. With these three aspects, any number of players may be playing in a West March style campaign at any time. They form "Adventuring Parties" which then go forth exploring and delving in search of treasure, lore, and titles; but always returning at the end of a session whether or not their exploration was complete. Players own and plan their games by determining when they want to play, who they want to play with, and where they want to adventure and then coordinating this with the GM.

What is a Hex-Crawl?

A Hex-Crawl utilizes a hex-grid map to show overland travel. Each hex on the grid denotes a time in travel (usually a day in-game) that is further influenced by the type of terrain on the grid. Random encounters, dungeons, and other useful items can be found on a hex, so exploring each one has its advantages.

So, then a Hex-March is...?

The goal of this style of gameplay is to combine aspects of both West Marches and Hex Crawls. Namely it will be a Hex-Grid with fog-of-war shared among all of the players. There is a high player limit but a significantly lower "adventuring party" limit. And all games will begin and end in the "key location", meaning players own setting up their own games with each other and coordinating this with the GM.

So request to join if you

• Want to play in a persistent world

• Want to experience a simultaneously cooperative and competitive form of Pathfinder

• Want to enjoy a play-on-demand style campaign

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Adventure: The Howling Cave

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Adventure: The Forest Shrine

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Adventure: Delving into Ruins

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