What we're about

1. I love to play poker.
2. I am poverty-stricken.

Here is what I have:

1. Cards.
2. The Home Poker Handbook. https://www.amazon.com/Home-Poker-Handbook-John-Cooke/dp/1886070288
3. An official rulebook. https://www.amazon.com/Cookes-Rules-Real-Poker-Cooke/dp/1886070229 .
4. A set of monogrammed chips with values from 5 cents to $500. Why do I have chips of such high denominations? I dunno what I was thinking. I doubt we will see any need to use any chips larger than $5.
5. A small apartment where I could host a game for 3-4 people, total. I would need an extra chair brought in if it gets to four, unless someone wants to play standing up. I have a carry case for my chips if a better place can be found.
6. About $200 I can gamble with at any one time.

Here is what I don’t have:

1. Room for more people than that.
2. Players.
3. A large bankroll.

I want to put together a friendly game. I play to win, but I expect everyone to behave himself. If someone has a larger space, that would be great. I have a carry case for my chips and can travel within reason (I live in Seattle, at the very north end).

Note that there will be NO RAKE. Not only would that be illegal, it would go against the spirit of a home game. It’s also BYOB (or food, or pot, or whatever).

Betting structure is negotiable, either PL or NL. I am not a fan of limit poker anymore. Most people prefer NL (which is actually more accurately called ‘table stakes’; meaning you can’t reach into your pocket for more cash in the middle of a hand).

The ‘penny ante’ part has to be adjusted for inflation. Blinds will be at least 5c-10c; but no more than 25c-50c.

Game: Dealer’s Choice. Please nothing too weird: Crazy Pineapple with Deuces Wild is about my insanity limit.

The idea is that nobody should be bringing more than about $500, tops. My bankroll is about $200.

Tournaments are not a good idea for a home game, as it would involve a lot of people watching and not playing for a significant amount of time.

P.S. I am in a “No Smoking” building, of which I am most emphatically supportive. I wouldn’t mind a little pot smoking, but I would prefer edibles, or oil.

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5c/10c PL Home Game

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