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Preservation/Fermentation class. Make the foods you already eat even better, enhance immunity, and increase digestion! With fermentation, increase vitamins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria AND improve flavor, Learn this simple technique gaining renewed popularity in preservation! Fermented foods are healing foods, traditional foods, and if you're serious about helping to heal your gut and thrive, then it is time to introduce live-cultured foods into your diet.

We will provide cabbage and salt, and you bring other veggies for flavor and pint jar! Experiment with fruits like pineapple and apples, and we always suggest hot peppers, fresh ginger, onion (red, white or scallions) garlic, fresh herbs, radish (daikon or red) beets, carrots, burdock root, or Jerusalem artichoke. I like to add chili powder or other hot spices if desired. Bring supplies and go home with ferments!

Instructors: Allie Dercoli and Nancy Chase

Cost: $35 per class cash price; all funds must be received 3 business days prior to the class. Mail check to Shambala Farms or for your convenience you can purchase tickets online with a processing fee at