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I (Cathy) am not hosting this event. If you need more info please contact Ann at: [masked]

I wanted to offer a "meet-up" to this group. I am a volunteer organizer for a very special "pianist friendly" concert this year on March 19, 2017 at 6pm. The location is Classic Pianos of Bellevue. The event is in conjunction with Bach in the subways

and is Called BACH-TO-THE-FUTURE. It is a piano phasing version of Bach and original content by Dutch composer Kristoffer ZEGERS. I know that sounds complicated, but the music is designed specifically for joining all levels of pianists together in a social performance. The parts for the pianists vary from "concert level" to EASY student level. All ages who can handle the part of their choice are welcome to join in. There is ONE rehearsal, which will also be done at Classic Pianos of Bellevue. They are allowing us to use their European room for this event. We will have 25 pianos, and 50 pianos, plus one lead pianist. I have done one of these in Holland. There were 120 pianists and 60 pianos! :) The age level was youngest pianist of 7 years of age, and the oldest pianist was in her 70s. The age spread in between was mixed evenly of children and adults. “All ages and skill levels welcome, but pianists must know how to read music. “ Our version is smaller, but the same social sharing. These are truly musical haring experiences. Also, because of the connection to the Bach website, we will have the opportunity to share this globally. We can have our meet-up be a joyful expression of global sharing as well as a chance to share our piano passion. I have further information for pianists who want to participate, and I can write a shorter version to post on the calendar if you think this is something that the Seattle Pianists Meet-up would be interested in doing. Kind regards, Ann