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This group will focus primarily on exploring and challenging the racially divisive beliefs, perceptions, stereotypes and generalizations we all possess. Many of the beliefs that we have towards other races have not been acquired through first hand relations but through mass media and secondhand misinformation. Members of this group through candid and honest discussion can dispel negative and divisive beliefs with the goal of relating and understanding other races better. Although there are those people that are comfortable with their negative beliefs and perceptions towards other races, there are many that are not and would benefit by open and constructive discussion in a safe environment. If you are a person that seeks to relate and understand other races better by ridding yourself of racially divisive, stereotypical and prejudicial misinformation, this group is for you.

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American culture - what does it mean to be American? Part 2

Ballard Coffee Works

"American Pride", "Proud to be an American", "United We Stand", "Made in the U.S.A.", "America First". These are just a few of the slogans that have to do with America and being American. But what is "American"? Does every person living in America have equal status as an American? Is race a factor? Personally, I have never felt like I have been perceived as American as any other person. Still, however, I remember in elementary school feeling better than kids that immigrated from Southeast Asia. I felt a sense of superiority even though they were equally or more accomplished academically than I was. On the one hand, American culture instilled in me a sense of being perceived as lesser than my white classmates while preserving a sense of superiority over foreign born people. At this meetup, let's try to define what it means to be an American and the degree to which all racial groups have influenced American culture.

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