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Hi, folks! So I have finally decided that I miss my old Hackmaster game enough that I want to try starting a new one every other Thursday night starting in January. Apologies that if this eventually goes through I will not be able to make the Numenara game, I love the group but... well, Hackmaster! I am hoping to be able to get enough players to run an in-person game rather than having to take it online, but in addition to needing 3-4 players in addition to myself we will also require a venue - someplace quiet with a decent table. The website is - they have a good introduction, and the PDF of Hackmaster Basic is free. People tend to think of Hackmaster as a joke game because of its association with KODT, and its previous incarnation was very tongue in cheek. The most recent version is totally revamped and is a really good serious game, but it's rather rules-heavy and there's a bit of a learning curve. Players will have to be into participating enough to keep an eye on combat even if it's not their 'turn' (I've run into that problem before) and combat really rewards care, strategy and forethought. Characters are involved but I think it's worth it. If anyone's interested let me know, we can discuss logistics and arrange for character generation. --- Shawn

Needs a location

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