Physical Computing Workshop

Seattle Rust Meetup
Seattle Rust Meetup
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Espresso Vivace

532 Broadway E · Seattle, WA

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3-4 blocks north from the Capitol Hill light rail station

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Are you new to Rust, or interested in building interactive physical systems? Join us for a guided workshop, and we will build something together!

This meetup is part of a series where we work through the Rust Embedded Discovery book ( No speakers, no sponsors, just hacking together on a workshop.

**This meetup will start a bit differently than our past meetups.**
We think it'll be fun to hack together on an embedded project with a more focused scope. We'll kick off with a 45 minute discussion about which project we'll work on. After the discussion, we'll proceed to work on the Embedded Discovery book as usual, to ensure everyone has had a chance to engage with the basics of embedded development. Details about the project are in the agenda below.

It's okay if you missed the previous event or are new to Rust and/or embedded development - we are happy to help! Some of us have already completed the workshop, and we will be guiding folks through it.

To fully experience this workshop, we recommend buying your own hardware, which is listed below. But feel free to follow along without the hardware, or pair with a friendly Rustacean.



We'll start the meetup with a group discussion about some fun embedded projects that we can work on together. Here are some project candidates:

* toy car (

* weather balloon to the edge of space (

* embedded quadcopter (

* other?? Bring your ideas!

The goal of this project is to gain experience and better understand how hardware works by working on a fun goal-oriented project that might be worthy of including on your resume or LinkedIn profile. Oh, and to have fun doing it! :)

7:45 - 10:00

During this time, we'll hack on the Rust Embedded Discovery book, similar to previous Physical Computing meetups.


You will only need two things to get started, which should cost about $30:

* The STM Discovery board:

* Mini USB cable:

The full list of hardware can be found here:

Note that the rest of the hardware won't be needed until later in the workshop.


Please review the Rust community's Code of Conduct ( before coming to the meetup. Let's make this meetup great for everyone!