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Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting this month, we'll (1) be moving to Tuesday nights, (2) be located on the Microsoft campus in Redmond by default, NOT in Westlake!

This month: Like last month, we will be running a workshop for folks with little or even NO Rust experience at all. Bring a laptop, preferably with the latest Stable Rust toolchain already installed [1].

The prompts can be found in a Github repo [2]. Check out for the big picture, and for the actual exercises.

Note: the provided prompts are application-oriented, and best if you've explored the language basics. If you have not tried using Rust at all, we recommend working through the "Rustlings" exercises [3] by Carol Nichols [4].

1. We will present a series of programming prompts
2. You will try to complete the prompts (in groups, if desired)
3. Joe (at least) will wander around offering assistance

Think of the workshop as a "lab" for a class, with Joe as TA (as opposed to a "training"). Our goal is to create a supportive environment for self and peer study. Collaborating with your neighbors is strongly encouraged!


Code of Conduct: Please review the Rust community's Code of Conduct ( before coming to the meetup. Let's make this meetup great for everyone!