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Two talks: Ruby transition and solving a brainteaser.

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Jake Utley. From Ruby to Scala in 9 weeks: Evolving antiquated software with modern tools

The evolving Whitepages server architecture is outgrowing Location Services, a ruby-based component that has become increasingly disjointed over several years. Currently, Location Services places too high of a maintenance tax on the team, limits growing the user base, and is expensive to run. We redesigned Location Services to a micro-service architecture, reimplemented it in Scala, and leveraged our proprietary asynchronous frameworks/libraries to solve these problems. The new Scala-based service makes adding new functionality a snap and allows more developers who have shifted to our common Scala stack to improve and extend it.

James Van Horn. Simple Scala solves bothersome brainteaser

I've come up with a rather concise solution to the "2 Mathematicians" puzzle. By using Scala collections I no longer need the heavy number crunching employed in previous solutions, but it requires multiple different collection types to get from beginning to end. Is this the best solution?

I'll offer a step-by-step explanation of how I got from puzzle to code, and ask for improvements along the way.

Networking and food starting at 6:30. Talks at 7.

1301 5th Avenue #1600 · Seattle, WA
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