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What we’re about

This meetup focuses on engineering large systems for Scalability. Our current focus is on technologies to do data science at scale: Distributed Systems, machine learning, AI, Blockchain, databases, and more!

We are *heavily* focused on deep, technical talks. No marketing pitches, no light use case discussions, no pitches. We want to see architecture diagrams, code, and hear real stories from the trenches. 

Besides distributed systems and Big Data, we're also interested in hearing about high-performance engineering techniques and futuristic technologies.

We've had great success in the past, and are growing quickly! Previous guests were from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Cloudant, Microsoft, DataStax, Pulumi, MongoDB, and others. We love hearing from practitioners.

We're also looking for space, food and drink, and event sponsors. If you'd like to get your company involved check out the prospectus here.