Operators & Developers of Distributed Systems

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Hello fellow Seattle Operators & Advocates & Developers of Distributed Systems!

This next meet has two great speakers lined up. Here's a few links to both of our next speakers and their respective talk descriptions!


Tim Kellogg

Title: "Extreme Temperature WebAssembly!"
Description: WebAssembly is hot! It's a low-level "assembly language" for the web that promises to vastly speed up future web pages. But can it do more? In this talk we'll explore the possibility of using WebAssembly to create rich functional programming styled web APIs and databases.

Alena Hall

Title: "So You Want To Run a Data-Intensive System On Kubernetes"
Description: Distributed databases, stateful stream processing workloads, caches, machine learning frameworks often require persistence for storing user or system data, operation progress, and more. There are differences in managing state while running systems like Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, etc. on Kubernetes instead of regular VMs or physical servers.

During the talk we will look at current solutions, and Kubernetes foundational concepts (e.g. Stateful Sets) that help get those systems up and running. But up and running isn’t always equal to operating correctly. We will go over some challenges in managing existing data processing and storage systems on Kubernetes, as well as solutions (e.g. Custom Resource Definitions, custom controllers, operators), and work in progress.


6:30pm Food & Conversations
7:00pm Introduction & Announcements
7:10pm First Talk - More information will be posted in the next few days.
7:40pm Short Break.
7:45pm Second Talk - More information will be posted in the next few days.
8:25pm We'll wrap up for the night.

** Maybe post meetup drinks depending on interest at a nearby local venue. **


During introductions we'll also discuss future meetups, plans for future kinds of meetups, and determing what would bring you the most value. Everything from prospective coding workshops, sessions, or related content for future meetups. We'll discuss for a short period and the organizers will take this input and get the future roster planned out. So bring your ideas and thoughts on what you'd like to see at future meetups.