Operators & Developers of Distributed Systems w/ Karthik Ramasamy

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This evening's speaker is Karthik Ramasamy. Karthik Ramasamy is the co-founder of Streamlio that focuses on building next generation real time
infrastructure. Before Streamlio, he was the engineering manager and technical lead for real-time infrastructure at Twitter where he co-created Twitter Heron. He has two decades of experience working with companies such as Teradata, Greenplum, and Juniper in their rapid growth stages building parallel databases, big data infrastructure, and networking. He co-founded Locomatix, a company that specializes in real-time streaming processing on Hadoop and Cassandra using SQL, that was acquired by Twitter. Karthik has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a focus on big data and databases. During his college tenure several of his research projects were later spun off as a company acquired by Teradata. Karthik is the author of several publications, patents, and Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols and Architectures.

Talk Title: Unifying Messaging, Queuing, Streaming & Light Weight Compute with Apache Pulsar

Talk Description: Data processing use cases, from transformation to analytics, perform tasks that require various combinations of queuing, streaming and lightweight processing steps. Until now, supporting all
of those needs has required different systems for each task--stream processing engines, messaging queuing middleware, and streaming messaging systems. That has led to increased complexity for
development and operations.

In this session, we’ll discuss the need to unify these capabilities in a single system and how Apache Pulsar was designed to address that. Apache Pulsar is a next generation distributed pub-sub
system that was developed and deployed at Yahoo. Streamlio’s Karthik Ramasamy, will explain how the architecture and design of Pulsar provides the flexibility to support developers and applications needing
any combination of queuing, messaging, streaming and lightweight compute.


Bus - Almost every King County Metro Seattle Bus, plus Community Transit, and many Sound Transit Buses travel nearby this location, most on 3rd Street. The location is located between Madison and Marion.

LINK - A great way if you board anywhere along the line, just get off at either the Pioneer Square or University Station stops (NOT University District stop). The meetup space is ~2 blocks away.

Helicopter - If you've got it, you know where you're going. Not the most convenient though, since most of the helipads are blocks away.

Ferry - The ferry terminal is ~3, maybe ~4 blocks away depending on the zig zag from the terminal.

Uber/Lyft - Sure, if you gotta, they'll dump you out close to the front door.

Taxis - What?

Car Parking - So there's parking all over the city, but it goes the way it goes. However if you park in the building you can get a voucher from the SURF Incubator crew for $5 bucks (if it's after 5pm, if you arrive earlier than that it's probably $6,666 dollars or something).