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Eastside w/ Microsoft Hadoop Story + GridGain 'Pearls'

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Many of you have asked for us to host on the Eastside 3 or 4 times a year. We're in building 40, room 1450.

This meetup focuses on Scalability and technologies to enable handling large amounts of data: Hadoop, HBase, distributed NoSQL databases, and more!

There's not only a focus on technology, but also everything surrounding it including operations, management, business use cases, and more.

This month's guests:

Microsoft and GridGain speakers

HDInsight: The Microsoft Hadoop Story by Michael Rys, Principal Program Manager in the HDInsight team responsible for Data Movement and BigData Query languages. Previously, he has been working on Beyond Relational Technologies in SQL Server.

As more and more data is being produced, companies are looking at how to gain new insights from the data deluge in cost-effective ways. Hadoop is the open source Big Data processing platform that provides the tooling for this quest. In this presentation, I will be presenting how Microsoft is providing support for the Hadoop ecosystem in Windows Azure and Windows together with our partner HortonWorks, and how it integrates with the Microsoft manageability, programming and business intelligence tools.

"Pearls of Distributed Programming with Scala and GridGain".

GridGain by Dmitriry Setrakyan, co-founder and CTO, GridGain Systems, Inc.

100% live coding session where we’ll go into three highly interesting examples of modern distributed programming using Scala and GridGain to highlight how distributed Scala programming can be simple, productive and fun... We’ll live code the following applications: - Calculating Pi on the grid. This shows typical MPP processing. - PingPong on the grid. We’ll show MPI-like style distribution in this almost “magical” example. - Data affinity on the grid. We’ll show data and compute affinity.

Our format is flexible: We usually have speakers who talk for ~30 minutes each and then do Q+A, plus discussion.

There'll be after-beer afterwards, sponsored by eSage Group.

Doors open 30 minutes ahead of show-time. Please show up at least 15 minutes early out of respect for our first speaker. Parking in the garage opposite building 40.