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Wednesday July 16 - Kenmore Paddle for those that need to borrow

This Meetup is past

9 people went

Price: $10.00 /per person
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Description: We will paddle at the north end of Lake Washington

It's Summer, the weather is supposed to be nice , it's time for a paddle.

As discussed earlier with the cost of maintaining the gear, I am starting to post events separated into the ones where people borrow gear (I'll charge $10 for those) and ones where people have their own gear (those will remain free).

Lets meet for a paddle on Lake Washington and the slough. This trip will depend on the weather. We’ll meet at Logboom Park at 6:30pm for a 60-90 minute evening paddle.


6:15-6:30 find parking

6:30-6:45 carry kayaks to the beach

6:45-8:00 - paddle

8:00-8:15 carry kayaks back to the trailer

8:30 - pizza at Pagalacia

This trip is for those that need to borrow, if you have your own kayak, sign up in the other paddle.

Our launch and route is fairly sheltered but we still need to use our heads and our equipment. . If you are signing up in this meetup, I am assuming that you need to borrow a kayak, if you have your own, then sign up in the other event.

[b]Rating:[/b] This trip is rated ‘protected’ or SK1. A wet suit or dry suit is optional.

[b]What to bring:[/b] [*]Kayak, paddle, Paddle Float and Bilge Pump. [*]PFD,

Clothes for paddling, something that will keep you warm if damp, Kayak Shoes, [*]Change of clothes for after, towel. [*]Rain Hat [*][*]Perhaps a power bar or dried figs to munch on. [*]Sense of Humor and fun.

Kayaks and Gear

Have your own

Need to Borrow:

So far I am bringing kayaks for the following people: I will edit this list in a few days

Myself - Saul Necky Tesla Orange

- NWK Discover Single - Chris Maxfield - SSK

- Necky Arluk III Single - Sara S - SSK

- Red/White Easy Rider Skeg Single

- Red Sea Otter Single

Blue - Zydeco - Anthony Nguyen - SSK

- Blue Eddyline Single - Dan H - SSK

- Yellow Searunner Single - Arlene - SSK

- Red/White Concrete Single -

Tan Easy Rider Tandem - Anastasia Chueva - PNWHB

Tan Easy Rider Tandem - Anastasia Chueva guest- PNWHB

Necky Tofino Purple Tandem - Shana - SSK

Necky Tofino Purple Tandem - Nicole - SSK

- Necky Nootka White Tandem - Michele Desmond - SSK

- Necky Nootka White Tandem - Shashank Tyagi - SOA

- NWK Seascape Tandem - karen schumacher Family1

- NWK Seascape Tandem - karen schumacher Family 2

- NWK Seascape Tandem - karen schumacher Family 3

- Yellow Tofino Yellow Tandem - Sue - PNWHB

- Yellow Tofino Yellow Tandem - Becky Drees - SOA

- Yellow Anuruk Yellow Tandem - Jane J - PNWHB

- Yellow Anuruk Yellow Tandem - K - - PNWHB

- Green Anuruk Tandem - Pammmiieeee - SSK

- Green Anuruk Tandem - Haley - PNWHB

Equipment Requirements:

I will be bringing kayaks, paddles and pfd's for the people that "need to borrow".

I could use a hand loading gear if someone wants to help.