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SEO Evangelism, Why You Need It | & | It’s not the Journey; it’s the Destination

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605 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 900 · Seattle, WA

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Learn from two of the best:

1) The Sr. Director & Global Head of SEO at GoDaddy, Garth O'Brien. Topic: Why You Need an SEO Evangelism Program

2) Dr. Ken Rufo, Principal at Emphatic Thinking. Topic: It’s not the Journey; it’s the Destination

**Speaker #1**
Title: Why You Need an SEO Evangelism Program
Presenter: Garth O'Brien, The Sr. Director & Global Head of SEO at GoDaddy
What will be covered:

• Change the company culture and awareness of SEO so you can acquire more organic traffic

• Learn from real life examples of disastrous decisions that could have been avoided

• Use evangelism methods and tactics that have worked for companies like Microsoft, Hallmark and GoDaddy

• Educate all teams that produce websites so you don’t miss out on traffic and revenue opportunities

About Garth O'Brien:
Garth O'Brien joined GoDaddy in March of 2015 and became the Director and Global Head of SEO. In this position he drives Social Media projects where SEO and social converge, and is one of a few members responsible for the GoDaddy global content strategy. Garth began his digital marketing career in 2002 while practicing law. As the youngest attorney in the law firm he was tasked with learning and managing SEO and SEM. Garth left the practice of law to pursue a fulltime career in SEO and SEM. He ran the global search marketing program for a small technology company for several years and then worked as an SEO Manager for MSN. He then joined Catalyst Digital owning the SEO programs for Hallmark, Chevron, IKEA USA, Xbox, Windows Phone and was one of four SEOs to support Microsoft(.)com. Check out his website, and LinkedIn,

**Speaker #2**
Title: It’s not the Journey; it’s the Destination
Presenter: Dr. Ken Rufo, Principal at Emphatic Thinking
What will be covered:

There is a belief, first espoused more than a century ago, that consumers and buying audiences make their decisions about purchases through a sequence of steps, and that these steps can be understood as a journey or a funnel. In reality, research suggests that while these models sound intuitive and make a great deal of sense, they do not reflect our understanding of how buyers actually make buying decisions. A review of the marketing research and the evolving paradigms that govern our understanding of consumer decision-making reveals that the focus on the journey actually obscures a more productive focus on how people process information. Understanding that process offers marketers a significantly different, but ultimately more productive way of directing their practice.

About Ken Rufo:
Ken Rufo is the Principal at Emphatic Thinking, a consulting agency focused on solving go-to-market problems and improving how organizations understand their audiences and the ways those audiences process messages. Their clients include some of the biggest names in technology, as well as some of the really interesting start-ups.

He holds a PhD in Communication, and has taught courses in persuasion, research, communication and media studies. He served on the faculty of the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership Program, where he taught courses on digital disruption, gaming and engagement, and the analysis and assessment of network health. His own academic research focuses primarily on media ecology, or the role that different media combinations have in shaping psychology, social norms, and belief.

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$10 Door Fee or $60 for Yearly Membership

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There will be light food, beer and other beverages available.

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